Some days, although not my preference, I train alone. On those days, I have to plan a certain time to start. It prevents me from stalling and putting off the inevitable. With more than a hundred journaled CrossFit workouts you would think the coach would have no problem in “getting it together”. This workout should have been like every other, “Fried Frogs”(dumbbell thrusters and burpees), but it was different. 10 thrusters and fifteen burpees into the workout, I did something I had never done before….I stopped. On the bottom of the push-up, I stopped and just lied there face down. My mind was not strong enough on this day and the workout to painful to continue, so I didn’t. I got up off the floor, walk into my office and sat down. In the silence of my office the feeling of pain diminished, but almost immediately other feelings started to arise. I felt weak and defeated. I had set my mind to do something and then quit. Those feelings somehow became more unpleasant than the physical pain that caused me to throw in the towel. As inconsequential as one workout may be, this workout took on new meaning. A choice arose, call it a day and walk out or finish what I started. I chose the latter. With a 3..2..1. countdown, I started from the beginning all over again. One goal… finish. When it was over, victory never tasted so sweet!
The reason for telling this story is to state how proud I am of all the members who enter Hardass Fitness and have the courage day after day to challenge themselves both mentally and physically. In this room the impossible is achieved, and it helps to define who we are as people. As a coach my admiration and respect go out to those who chose to conquer life, one workout at a time.