Taken from a recent article about Sheri Taflinger

Preparation for the competition is crucial, especially the physical fitness aspect. “When you have to compete in the Evening Gown and Swimsuit categories, you want to make sure you’re in top condition!” Taflinger says with a smile. She started training at Hardass Fitness, doing CrossFit workouts 2 – 3 times per week. “I knew that CrossFit would help me get into top condition for my job as a police officer, but it’s really helped me get into competition shape for the pageant too.” Taflinger is pleased with the results of her CrossFit workouts. “I’m stronger, and I have more energy on the job and for my daughter. Plus, I’m burning fat, which makes me look fit and gives me more confidence on stage!” She says it’s that confidence that makes her want to compete, and hopes to bring that message to other women. “It’s about feeling good about yourself.”

We are all very proud that you represented Hardass Fitness so well.

Today’s Workout:
“The Scoreless Rope”
Wall Ball
Kettlebell Swing
Jump Rope
1 minute max reps per element
1 rep = 1 point (no score for jump rope)
3 rounds