Above (from left to right): Emily, Deidre, Meagan, Treasure, and Aurora

Consistency is always the key to success in any endeavor. Emily, her three daughters and her niece have been consistently showing up 3x a week for the last six weeks. They shared that previous to training in our facility, physical fitness had always been a challenge. In sporting activities they were always in the back of the pack struggling to keep up with their peers. Now, six weeks later, they are in the front pack going head to head with others. My prediction is that in six more weeks they will be leading the pack and others will be struggling to keep up with them. Can one summer change the course of your life? Yes. Do I believe it is happening to them? Absolutely! Whether you are a child, teenager or adult, to go from “I suck at this” to “I’m good and I’m prepared to prove it” feels really awesome and empowering. The end result of challenging ourselves physically is a stronger body as well as a stronger mind. This family is on a new path and they are picking up speed. As a coach, I am proud of them and excited to see what the future has in store for them. Keep up the good work.

Today’s Workout:
“Drop 10”
50 Squats
40 Standing Lunges
30 Sit-ups
20 Push-ups
10 Burpees
On the second round you drop 10 reps from each exercise:
40 Squats
30 Standing Lunges
20 Sit-ups
10 Push-ups
0 Burpees

*Continue this until the fifth and final set is just 10 Squats
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