“Adversity cause some men to break; others to break records.” 
-William A. Ward

Above:  Ahoy Mate! Not your regular deck of cards!  Today’s WOD featured a pirate themed deck of cards!

“Deck of Death”
1. Choose either Game A or Game B.
2. Shuffle deck of cards.
3. Flip a card and do the prescribed exercise.
4. Keep going until you’ve gone through the entire deck!
5. Post time to comments.

Go through entire deck for time:
Game A:
Parrots – Push-Ups
Coins – Toes to Wall
Ships – Sit-Ups
Skulls – Squats
Joker – 650 M Run

Game B:
Parrots – Burpees
Coins – Knees to Elbows
Ships – Wall Ball
Skulls – SDLHP
Joker – 650 M Run

Ace = 1 rep
Face = 10 rep