“Develop the winning edge; small differences in your performance can lead to large differences in your results.”

-Brian Tracy

Above: Video of Kimo and I doing “Fran”.

In CrossFit, every second counts! Even if its only a few, because those few seconds mean you have made progress and bettered yourself! You work, sweat and fight hard for those seconds or that second, because in CrossFit, every second counts! Last week, Kimo and I did the benchmark workout “Fran” (21-15-9 of Thrusters and Pull-Ups), Kimo finished in 3:55 and I finished in 5:30. This was a big improvement for both of us. PR’s in fact! However, we wanted better, so this week we tried again. This time, however, we implemented a strategy/concept recommended by San Francisco CrossFit:

In the middle of some heinous met-con when you are ready to take a breather, pick a measurement. It could be number of breaths, steps taken in a slow circle, counting to a number in your head, or anything else that’s a relatively steady time indicator.Let’s use breaths.

Every time you stop, decide how many breaths you will take to re-start. No matter what. Even if it means only one more rep and then the next batch of pre-determined breathing.

Let’s say the number is 10. Once you can wrap yourself around this limited rest, start trying to shave it down…next week shoot for 8 breaths. Eventually you will have pared yourself down to the minimal rest that you need to keep moving. You will surprise yourself with how quickly you get moving again and how many more reps you are capable of once the rest-inertia is broken.

Experiment with this concept and keep a quick note in your workout log.

So, using this technique Kimo and I attempted unforgiving “Fran” once again. This small difference in our resting technique, helped us shave off seconds for yet another PR for the both of us! Kimo finished in 3:48 and I finished in 5:24. Like the quote says, “Develop the winning edge; small differences in your performance can lead to large differences in your results.” So, take those 3 deep breaths and pick that bar up again! Remember, in CrossFit every second counts!


Today’s Workout:
“Annie Loves Burpees”
650 M Run

A: Rx’d
B: 40-30-20-10
C: 30-20-10 (add Squats and Push-Ups)

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