“Pain is weakness leaving the body.”

Above:  How do you feel after a WOD?  How hard do you push yourself during a WOD?  Have you been put to the ground from a WOD?  Have you been a flover?  I know I have been put to the ground, from almost every WOD, when its over.  Oh and the ground never felt so good!  Being “put to the ground”, is a good measure for me, of how hard I pushed myself through that WOD.  What’s your measurement?  As coaches, we are here to help you work your hardest through the WODs.  Sometimes that means a little extra motivation!  Whatever it takes!  Go get some!

Today’s Workout:
3 rounds for time, of:
50 Tire Jumps (24″)
21 Deadlifts (185/125 lbs.)
30 Pull-Ups

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