“Success doesn’t come to you … you go to it.”
– Marva Collins, African American educator

We love these photos. It shows our members giving their heart and soul to complete our workouts. We also know they scare the #$%* out of those that are considering a first visit to our gym. Relax…take a deep breath…you’ll be fine. We get more hits each day to our website than we have members. Which tells us there may be some “hovering”.(definition -those undecided souls that are a bit nervous and slightly intimidated by what they see on our website) Well it’s time to stop the hovering and take a plunge. Let’s see if I can help by explaining how your first visit will go:

You will find friendly coaches that genuinely care about your fitness experience
You will be properly coached on all functional movements involved in workout
You will be encouraged to limit your first experience to 5-10 minutes
You will find our members to be warm and encouraging to newbies
We can scale any functional movement to match your fitness level

Treat yourself to something great. A new you!
“Nothing Great happens in our life when we do nothing to make it happen” – Kimo Kockelman

Today’s Workout: “Helen”

400M Run

21 Kettlebell Swings

12 Pull-ups

3 Rounds for time