“Most men pursue pleasure with such breathless haste that they hurry past it.”

Thanks Heather for spending the first part of your Birthday with us. We had a specific request from Heather to work legs and shoulders. Her golf-pro husband would be joining us for the second time and they had a t-time to follow. “This is my chance to beat him”. I must admit, I did my part to try and give Heather a fighting chance.
Coach Kimo

Today’s Wokout:

9 rounds for time, of:
1 Weighted Lunge with 1 Weighted Squat for 9 reps (40lbs-m/25lbs-f) Dumbbells
9 Weighted Thrusters (40lbs -/25lbs-f) Dumbbells
9 Pull-ups
1 Circle Run

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