“I have never met a truly strong person who din’t have self-respect. When I see guys working out for cosmetic reasons, I see vanity exposing them in the worst way, as cartoon characters, billboards for imbalance and insecurity. Strength reveals itself through character. Muscle mass does not always equal strength. Strength is kindness and sensitivity. Strength is understanding that your power is both physical and emotional. That it comes from the body the mind and the heart. The Iron is the best antidepressant I have ever found. There is no better way to fight weakness than with strength. Once the mind and body have been awakened to their true potential, it’s impossible to turn back. The Iron never lies to you. You can walk outside and listen to all kinds of talk, get told that you’re a god or a total bastard. The Iron will always kick you the real deal. The Iron is the great reference point, the all-knowing perspective giver. Always there like a beacon in the pitch black. I have found the Iron to be my greatest friend. It never freaks out on me, never runs. Friends may come and go. But two hundred pounds is always two hundred pounds.”
– Henry Rollins

Nutrition in Brief: Getting to the Zone

Here is the shortest list I can post (besides “Eat Good”) to use as your first line of defense in the desire to get leaner. Here goes:
1. No fast food
2. No Soda or sugar drinks (including diet)
3. No pre-packaged snack foods (items in a cellophane bag don’t normally run high on nutrition)
4. No spontaneous eating – “Wow that looks good, let me try some”

Obviously fueling your body properly is more complex than my list. However, If these items still dominate your energy supply it is a good place to start.

Today’s Workout
“Getting Heavy”
400M Run
30 Tire Jumps
30 Presses (m-65lbs/f-40lbs)
4 rounds for time