“Healthy confidence comes from achieving something difficult, and then taking full, yet humble, credit.”
Ken J. Tremayne, Psy.D.

I often say that our workouts will make you feel like a superhero. So.. which one are you? Part of the addiction to CrossFit comes from the incredible awareness of increased capacity. You are a different person in the way you feel and what you are capable of doing. You see yourself as better than before. Self confidence increases as we take responsibility and credit for achieving difficult tasks. Sure the workouts are hard, but that is exactly why it feels so good. When the workout is over we get to take responsibility and credit for our efforts. Most people can handle a little suffering if there is a specific purpose. That purpose is what it does for our mind, body and soul. Simply priceless.

Warning: Most members experience the “superhero syndrome” within the first month.=)
Coach Kimo
Today’s Workout
400 M Run
21 Tire Jumps
15 Knees to Elbows
9 Hero-makers
3 Rounds
400 M Run