“May your present be better than your past and your future brighter still.”

We encourage our members to keep a journal to help them track their progress with black and white data. Sometimes, as coaches, we keep creating new and exciting workouts and forget about re-doing previous workouts to check for progress. So we are planning on re-doing two workouts a week. Both yesterday’s workout (Squash – Oct. 28th, 2008) and today’s (Your Turn – Nov. 7th, 2008) were pulled from the past. So be sure to check your journal and make note of specific improvements. ie heavier weights, faster times or higher scores. One of the many benefits of our programming is benchmark workouts, each and every one.
Workout of the Day:
“Your Turn”
Max reps of Wall Ball in 30 seconds
Max reps of Sit-Ups in 30 seconds
1 minute rest (partner drill – while you are resting your partner is working – thus “your turn”)
10 rounds for score