“In the final analysis it is not what you do for your children but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings.”
-Ann Landers

Attention all keikis! Keiki CrossFit begins this Saturday, April 4th, at 8:00-8:30am (for ages 4-7) and 8:30-9:00am (for ages 8-12)! We welcome all children, so tell your friends and tell your friend’s friends! Just like the adult (ages 13 and up) CrossFit classes incorporate randomized functional movements executed at a high intensity, Keiki CrossFit will also follow that regime. Keiki CrossFit is CrossFit geared and designed for keikis and their specific developmental needs–nuerological, cognitive, and motor funtions. Keiki CrossFit is for any child who wants to grow up strong and healthy! It instills a love for working out, while teaching the importance of exercise, which in the long run will help children avoid problems associated with “couch-potato-ness”, better known as childhood inactivity and obesity.

Following Keiki CrossFit classes, we will be having our 2nd Big Saturday Workout–“Filthy 50”! All members are invited! If you don’t want to do the entire “Filthy 50” then show up to the 9am class! Everyone at the 10am class will be expected to complete the entire “Filthy 50”!

Wait… There’s more! At 11am (or whenever the last person finishes “Filthy 50”), I will be doing a CrossFit WOD for anyone who wants to watch and cheer! These WODs will help me prepare for the NorCal Regionals (29 days away) by helping me learn how to manage my nervous pre-WOD jitters and crowd-fright! Don’t worry, if you can’t make it this Saturday to see me get smashed by a WOD, there’s always next Saturday! 🙂

Get some!
Coach Elyse

Today’s Workout:
For time:
Thrusters (95/55#s)
Tire Jumps (24″/20″)

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