“CrossFit Hawaii classes are designed for universal scalability and apply equally to all committed individuals regardless of their age or fitness level.”

Above: (Top) The afternoon class poses for a post-WOD picture! This picture exemplifies the wide range of people who do CrossFit with us–teenagers and adults, females and males, short and tall, big and small. Thanks to CrossFit’s unique universal scalability, we can accommodate all different levels of fitness. (Bottom) CONGRATS to Jayme and Liuone, brand new members at CrossFit Hawaii. Although they are very different in age, stature, and gender, they both had a very successful first week of CrossFit WODs and movements, along with our veteran members. So, if you thought you were too old, too young, too tall, too short, too weak, too strong for CrossFit… I have only one word for you: WRONG! Don’t waste another minute! Come down and get your “universally scalable workout” on!

Today’s Workout:
“Tabata Friday”
Tabata Intervals (20s of WORK, 10s of REST)is applied in turn to the Sit-up, Push-up, Wall Ball, and Tire Jump with a 10 second rotation break between exercises.
Each exercise is scored by the weakest number of reps in each of the 8 intervals.

8 Tabata Intervals each, of:
Wall Ball (20/12#s)
Tire Jumps (24″/20″)

**Do not move onto the next exercise until all 8 interval sets are completed.