“No one ever excused his way to success.”
-Dave Del Dotto
Above: I’ve heard the phrase, “I’m too old”, used as an excuse time and time for why people have avoided CrossFit as their means of fitness. Well, take John (pictured above), a successful business man over the age of 50, prior to doing CrossFit, he never lifted weights, not even in his youth. As his two children went off to college and he had more time to himself, he began to get back into shape by running. But, just running wasn’t giving him the strength conditioning he yearned for, so he gave CrossFit a try. The result? In less than a year, he went from not ever touching a barbell, to being able to push jerk it over his head! He went from barely being able to do step-ups on a 12 inch tire, to jumping consecutive reps on an 18 inch tire! He went from an average fit 50 year old, to being a strong, conditioned CrossFitter. So… What’s your excuse for not doing CrossFit? Don’t make anymore excuses. Come down today and give our workout a try!

Today’s Workout:
“Taxed Out”
4 rounds for time, of:
400 M Run
15 Push Jerks (95/65#s)
30 Squats