“Empty pockets never held a man back. Only empty heads ana empty hearts can do that.” – Norman Vincent Peale

Pictured above is the 6am class. Today was a coaching day for the deadlift. Here are the primary points of the set-up and execution.

Stance = between hip and shoulder widthWeight in heels
Back arched/lumbar curve locked in
Shoulders slightly in front of bar
Bar in contact with shins
Arms locked straight
Symetrical grip outside the knees, just wide enough to not interfere with knees

Drive through the heels
Extend legs while hips and shoulders rise at the same rate
Once the bar passes the knees, the hip opens all the way up
Bar maintains contact with the legs the ENTIRE time
On the return to the floor, push hips back and shoulders slightly forward delay the knee bend
Once bar descends below the knees and the torso angle is set, return the bar to the set up position

Today’s Workout:

“Dead Ball”
50 Wall Ball (m-20lbs/f-12lbs)
15 Deadlift (m-185lbs/f-115lbs)
40 Wall Ball
12 Deadlift
30 Wall Ball
9 Deadlift
20 Wall Ball
6 Deadlift
10 Wall Ball
3 Deadlift