“The pain of discipline is far less than the pain of regret.”
-Sarah Bombell

Above: The Saturday morning crew showing off their Thrusters during today’s WOD! Then a post-WOD picture of the disciplined group! Awesome awesome job today gang!

NorthEast 1st Workout Results (posted on CrossFit Games 2009 site)
May 23, 2009 3:27 PM

Eric Devine sent in this summary:
The first workout of the Northeast Qualifiers is complete. The women went first as the sacrificial lambs. Their workout consisted of AMRAP 12 minutes of 95# thrusters/10 burpees.

The standings are as follows: Stacey Kroon-8 rounds; Elaine Polito-7.12; Jennifer Hunter-7.11; Heather Keenan-7.03; Sharon Morris-7.02.

Within the first heat one element was obvious, strength was vital. There were no racks, so all thrusters needed to be cleaned. Time and energy were lost by those who chose to power clean instead of squat clean. At the three-minute mark for every heat the pain was obvious and pacing became the deciding factor. Anyone who went all out from the get-go suffered immeasurably. By the eight-minute mark, many held the look of those on a death march. The blacktop provided no comfort for those who chose to rest at the bottom of the burpees, and by the time the men entered the ring, the heat had increased, only providing more discomfort.

The men who fared best were those who watched the women. That is if they were willing to keep their egos in check. AMRAP 12 minutes of 135# thrusters/10 burpees made such difficult.

The top contenders are as follows: Derek Mohamed-10.1 rounds; Matthew Franco-9.09; James Hobart-9.07; Dan Tyminski, Rob Orlando, Brad Posnsnski all tied with 9.03.

The men tended to blow their energy from the start and many saw stars or lost their vision from the sun. Again, efficiency was wasted by power cleans instead of squat cleans. The same three-minute marker was indicative for those who would succeed. Strength was a pre-requisite. 135# was simply too heavy for some. The pacing and the burpees presented the same challenges. By the last heat the sun was pounding, the sweat was pouring and the sweat angels were more pronounced.

Today’s Workout:
“Northeast Qualifier WOD #1”
AMRAP in 12 minutes of:
5 Thrusters (135/95#s)
10 Burpees