“We often let time pass by without making any real use of it. Instead, look at your day, and ask yourself, ‘What would I really enjoy? What would I like to do? Whom would I like to be with?” – Garrett Oliver, Brooklyn Brewery
When someone who makes beer for a living speaks, I think we should all pay attention – Kimo

Happy Birthday Kris! (pictured center) Kris’ nickname in the room is “Animal”. So this workout is dedicated to her. She has gone through the full evolution in CrossFit. She started just coming once a week and continuing with other “cardio” classes. Then she bumped up to twice a week, feeling like “I get a much better workout in less time, making every other workout seem so easy and not worth it”. Now “Animal” comes at least three times a week or more. She is truly dynamite in small package.

Today’s Workout:

40 Burpees (5 X 8) Birth date
5rds of:
20 Wall Ball(m-20lbs/f-12lbs)
20 Pull-Ups