“Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games.” -Babe Ruth

It was kind of fun to watch athlete’s with great capacity get frustrated by a little thing called accuracy. There are not too many sports I can think of where accuracy doesn’t play a critical role. If you think of one post it in comments.

Today’s Workout:

“CrossFit Baseball”
Get a hit – by throwing a ball into a bucket from 10 feet
1st Base = 10 Push-Ups
2nd Base= 10 Squats
3rd Base = 10 Burpees
Home Plate = 10 X
Athletes got to pick the X exercises
X = Double-Under Jump Rope, Pull-ups, Wipers, Tire Jumps, Sit-Ups, Overhead Squats
One point is earned every time you complete home plate.
As many points in 20 minutes.