“The spine is best at bearing a load in an arch.”
– Mark Rippetoe – Author of Starting Strength

The deadlift is a seemingly easy lift. Take the bar from the ground to a standing position. But a strong deadlift with great form takes time to master. Adjustments were made to help Maria after a workout. Her hips and shoulders were not rising together during the initial pull, her legs drove first, then she stood up. This put her spine in a horizontal position thus performing a “stiff-leg deadlift”. This is a one-time correction that should hold with practice. Kevin’s deadlift was a flexibility issue and took a few months to work on. He has a much stronger position in his lower back and I am proud of his improvements. To be a little technical for teaching purposes, I would slant his gaze a little lower to reduce the angle in the neck, but that could be fixed with one comment. Photos and video make for great coaching aids don’t you think.
P.S. It is a mistake to ask for a posed deadlift picture post workout as you can see by the smiling faces of the 6am class. They look like they want to wrap that bar around my neck.
Today’s Workout:
“Double Death”
20 Double-Under Jump Rope (x5 for singles)
10 Deadlift
20 Push-Ups
1 Circle Run (approx. 100m)
As many rounds as possible (amrap) in 20 Minutes