“Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes. ” – Hugh Prather

The rumor is true and we are all very sad. Elyse Umeda will be visiting Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama next week for the opportunity to coach Division 1 basketball. I personally am secretly hoping that she hates it and comes back home(actually not so secretly since I’ve been saying it to anyone who will listen). We all want to wish her the very best on her new adventure, but the room will miss her tremendously. We will be losing a great athlete, a great coach and a great friend. We definitely want to send her off with the biggest ALOHA we can. Here is what we have planned for this Saturday, Sept. 5th:
8:00am Keiki CrossFit (ages 4-7)
8:30pm Keiki CrossFit (ages 8-12)
9:00am Class – Short Kelly
10:00am Class – BIG SATURDAY – “Long Kelly” 650m Run-30 Tire Jumps-30 Wall Ball-5rds
11:30am-12:00pm – Nutrition Seminar – by Elyse Umeda – Gluten-free Paleo Diet
12:00pm Farewell to Elyse Party – The house will provide sample foods from a gluten-free Paleo diet and of course beer, hamburgers and hot dogs (I personally love the hypocrisy) You can bring a dish to share if you’d like and if you drink something other than beer please bring your own.

Today’s Workout:

21 Squat Cleans(m-135lbs/f-95lbs)
21 Ring Dips
15 Squat Cleans
15 Ring Dips
9 Squat Cleans
9 Ring Dips