“Man needs difficulties; they are necessary for health.” -Carl Jung 1875-1961, Swiss Psychiatrist

In addition to today’s strength element is a metabolic speed and agility drill often used in sports training. A breath of fresh air. Actually, that makes it sound like a walk through a flower bed on a crisp Spring morning. Not very accurate. Most found this lung burner quite challenging and tapped out long before the 10 minutes were up. Those few that made it to the 10th round questioned whether they would have lasted for even one more additional round.

Today’s Workout:

“Dead Man’s Shuffle”
Seven sets to find your 1 rep max lift


Wall to wall lateral shuffle(feet do not crossover) down and back = 1 (20ft between walls)
Each round is 1 minute
4 shuffles first minute (ex:if 4 shuffles takes 27 sec. then you get to rest 33 sec)
add 1 shuffle every minute on the minute for 10 rounds(10 minutes)