“I’ve lost my will to live!” -from the mind of John B. mid WOD

Need to have fast, flawless double-Unders to keep up with this WOD.

Most people will have two scores for today’s workout. A score for phase 1 + a score for the number of additional rounds they could pick up once they got pushed out of the one minute cycles. This is a brutal WOD and only two people were able to stay in Phase 1 for all 20 rounds. Congratulations to Keli’i and Josh. The name fits since you feel like you are going to kill yourself trying to get to 20 rounds. “I’ve lost my will to live”.

Today’s Workout:

“Attempted Murder” by Josh
5 Deadlifts(m-225lbs/f-150lbs)
20 Double-Under Jump Rope
20 Tuck Jumps
Phase 1 – 1 round every minute on the minute for 20 minutes
Once you get bumped
Phase 2 – Additional rounds in remaining time