“Those who resolve to conquer or die, are rarely conquered.” -Pierre Coneille

Ron Mizutani of KHON News will begin his 2010 fitness resolution at Hardass Fitness. He will be on a 12 week program designed to improve his health and fitness. He will be training in our facility 4 times per week, adjusting his eating habits and broadcasting his results. Ron’s starting weight is at 220lbs @ 25.8% bodyfat and blood pressure at 135/89. We will tape this Wednesday at the noon class and segment scheduled to air Thursday at 5pm and possibly Friday morning. Tune in to witness Ron’s 2010 transformation, CrossFit style.

Today’s Workout:

“It’s So Hard”
40 Wall Ball (m-20lbs/f-12lbs)
40 Burpees
650m Run
30 Wall Ball
30 Burpees
400m Run
20 Wall Ball
20 Burpees
200m Run
10 Wall Ball
10 Burpees
Circle Run(100m)