“A narrow neck keeps the bottle from being emptied in one swig.” -Irish Proverbs

A lot of fun today at Magic Island. It is the first time we did multiple workouts. Fitness on the beach is always fun. We will be changing BIG SATURDAY for next month. There appears to be a conflict with First Friday festivities. Who would have thought?

Today’s Workout:

“Magic Island WOD #1”
Teams of 6 people
Bench Jumps
Leap Frog Burpee
Max reps in 30 seconds at each station – 10 minute total
6 members per team

“Magic Island WOD #2”
Teams of 5 people
130m Run
Kettlebell Swings
Max team reps in 8 minutes
5 member teams
Everyone rotates when runner returns
Score is kept per station not per person

“Magic Island WOD #3”
Teams of 4 people
1 member swims out to retrieve a thrown tennis ball by opposing team
100 Burpees – 3 remaining members have to complete as a group but one-at-a-time
250m Run Carry – Each team member has to carry either a medicine ball, a kettlebell or a team member
500 Jump Rope – per team – all members can be jumping at same time
250m Run Carry