“One should go invited to a friend in good fortune, and uninvited in misfortune.” -Swedish Proverbs

Ron Mizutani continues his success with another 3lb weight loss bringing his total weight loss to 16.5 lbs. Watch the video HERE. This newscast aired on Thursday and Friday of last week.

Today’s Workout:

“Home Stretch”
21 Dumbbell Thrusters(m-40lbs/f-25lbs)
21 Toes to Bar(x3 for Toes to Wall)
21 Good Mornings(m-65lbs/f-45lbs)
400m Run
15 Dumbbell Thrusters
15 Toes to Bar
15 Good Mornings
400m Run
9 Dumbbell Thrusters
9 Toes to Bar
9 Good Mornings
400m Run