“Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living.” –Albert Einstein

Austin making sure everyone had enough meat. Eating Rx for time is always a good wod. Thanks to those who came out for Elyse’s spontaneous barbecue. My apologies for not getting the word out to everyone who would have loved to stop by and say hi. It boiled down to who ever showed up to class that day knew there was a barbecue that night. One of my faults on getting behind on the blog. Next barbecue will be posted on the blog early.

Trying to go unbroken is the goal of this workout, but just like Fran, very hard to do. Big burpees into heavy swings broke most people.

Today’s Workout:

21 Kettlebell Swings(m-70lbs/f-44lbs)
21 Double-Under Jump Rope(x5 for singles)
21 Burpees
15 Kettlebell Swings
15 Double-Under Jump Rope
15 Burpees
9 Kettlebell Swings
9 Double-Under Jump Rope
9 Burpees