“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

It is always great to get an e-mail that praises our coaching staff. It makes my day. Thanks Dawn for taking the time to share with me and now the group.

Hi Kimo,

Thank you for always encouraging and challenging me during my WODS! My goal is to always work on my form while pushing myself to finish, even if I am always last! I am also striving to not be the last one to finish so that I can be “the encourager” to someone else who’s struggling to finish, too!

Honestly, my friends think I am nuts for doing crossfit but at the same time they can’t believe how much fun I am also having! I give all the credit to the people and coaches at HAF because everyone is always so genuine and encouraging!

Speaking of which, the reason for my email is that I wanted to give you just one of many examples of how good & caring your coaches are. Today, while I was doing of my 400m runs I started to get a side pain. So much so that I need to stop. Well, Coach Pat, who was also doing the WOD himself, saw that I was holding my side and actually stopped to check on me. He gave me advice on how to make it go away and even walked with me for a little while. I really appreciated what he did but at the same time I felt bad that I had kept him from making his time for the WOD. I came home and told Jay. While he was impressed, he wasn’t surprised because he continues to say that HAF is what it is because of the quality people.

As you already know, I have never joined a gym before. I am so thankful that HAF is the first and only gym for me!


Today’s Workout:
Warm-Up Wod
200m Run
30m Bear Crawls
3 rounds
75 Power Snatches(m-75lbs/f-55lbs)
Skill: Kipping Pull-Ups