“Strength and stability are virtues of a country as well as its citizens.”

Overhead squatting is a high level skill that requires flexibility, strength and trunk stability. Those that are not comfortable in this bottom position should not add weight. Work with pvc pipe then an unloaded bar until a strong stable base can be maintained. Then and only then can weight be added for a max weight or rep attempt. Jackie and Coach John are both strong and stable in the bottom position.

Warm-Up Wod

5 Overhead Squats(pvc)
5 Good Mornings(pvc)
5 Pass throughs(pvc)
6 Overhead Squats
6 Good Mornings
6 Twirlies
7 Overhead Squats
7 Good Mornings
100m Run
3 rounds
Strength Day
Overhead Squats – (m-body weight/f-67% body weight) max reps
5 attempts
2 minute max reps – Sit-Ups(abmat/no anchor)
1 minute rest
2 minute max reps – Leap Frog Burpee