“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.” –Michael Jordan

Is that John B. at the front of the pack? Oh Yeah! Promise to post more pictures as they are sent to me!
Elyse finishes day three in third place. Here are the three individual workouts:

Event #1 On the grass throwing field outside the stadium – Vista Field

  • The athlete flips a tire (large truck tires / smaller tires for women) approx. 75m, from behind a start line or cone to beyond a destination line or cone.
  • Runs back to the start point.
  • Then a log carry (10’ x 8” – approx. 85# – men; 7’ x 7” – approx. 65# women) from behind start cone so the entire log is past the destination cone. if any part of the log hits the ground the athlete must stop completely and re-shoulder the log before continuing.
  • Then flip the tire back to start point, passing the start cone.
  • Run back to the log and then return it, carrying it until the entire log is past the start cone.
  • At all times during the log carry, it must be held above the shoulder.

Elyse came in 10th place for this workout with a time of 5:32. 35 seconds separated 1st and 10th in this workout. What a tight race to be in the top 10.

Event #2 Held on the grass outside the track – Crawford Field
5 Rounds for time:
5 Muscle-ups Men / 2 Women
10 Power Cleans 135# / 85 #
200m Run – around a barrier

Elyse finished second for this workout with a time of 9:21

Floater Workout – On the Basketball Courts. (Announced when the athletes register on Friday 5-7-10)
To be completed on Saturday, based on a time the athlete signs up for at check in:

  • The athlete will have 7 minutes to complete a number of repetitions of two movements for the fastest time.
  • If an athlete does not complete the event on Saturday he/she will receive a DNF and be disqualified.

Elyse had the top time for this workout with a time of 3:13. For six hours she was the time to beat and no one did. After this workout, if someone didn’t know the name Elyse Umeda, they now did.

There were 2 team workouts for Saturday:

Team Competition
Event #1 On the grass outside the track – Crawford Field
A relay involving three stages.

  • The first member of the team does a shuttle run to 10 yd, then 20 yd line/cones, then to 100m (If the ground is not touched with one hand completely beyond the line he/she will have to return and touch the ground completely past the cone/line.), to a set of 50# (m) or 30# (w) DB’s at the 100yd line.
  • The first member does 30 DB Thrusters then runs back and touches the second athlete who starts the shuttle run to the DB’s.
  • The first athlete then does 15 (m) or 10 (w) ring dips, sits down and is finished.
  • The team continues with each returning member touching/starting the next member before the leading member does his or her ring dips to finish.
  • The clock stops when the last team member finishes his/her dips (the last team member runs straight to the rings from the DB Thrusters, not to the start line).

Our four team members for this workout were Josh, Grant, Cheyne and Sabrina. Timing for this workout could not have been more perfect. Finish time of 13:09. So proud of the Team Hardass. After this workout we held a 12th place position.

Event #2 Held in the track/stadium.
Teams begin on the track in the start positions for a 400m relay race.

  • Each team member runs a 100m leg, passing one baton.
  • The final leg runner runs his 100m, then runs a full lap, picking up his team members as he goes.
  • Once all collected, the team completes another 400m lap from the original start point, together.
  • First team finishing the run gets the pick of the work areas along the side of the track in front of the bleachers. Then only two members at a time work, doing the following:
  1. 250 One Arm DB Power Snatches – any member completes as many as they want with a 50 pound or 30 pound dumbbell. The leading edge of the DB touches the deck each rep, finish position is with the arm locked out overhead and the feet inside of 24” wide lines taped on the deck, each rep.
  2. 500 Double-Unders. When all reps are complete, the team runs together around the track in the same direction and lane they initially ran in, to a pull up bar complex where, one at a time, they complete a team total of 125 Pull-ups (chin over the bar). Their clock stops when the last pull up rep is done.

Team Hardass for this workout was John, Cheyne, Sabrina and Kimo. John leaded the run the whole way and brought the team into the workout station in 1st place. John, Cheyne, Sabrina took care of the 250 snatches and Kimo did the 500 double-unders. The team finished with a time of 20:15. We are now in 31st place. Sunday awaits us!
Back in Honolulu, it was time for a “mini” Big Saturday. Check your journals for February 1, 2010. Classic CrossFit benchmark Hero workout. 3..2..1..go!

Workout of the Day:

“Mini Murph”
800m Run
50 Pull-Ups
100 Push-Ups
150 Squats
800m run