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Thanks to Maila for sending me the segments that featured Hardass Fitness and our athlete’s on the Southwest Regional Webcast. Scanning through 2 full days of archives would take a long time if your only interest were to see our athletes in action. Here is the information that Maila sent me. You can thank her for saving you time.

Hey Kimo,
Here’s what I was able to find, so you can post it on the blog. I couldn’t find the team’s 1st wod and it looks like they didn’t show much of the 2nd wod, but I could be mistaken.
Elyse’s 1st WOD: 9:44-10:44
@ 43:49 on the counter
Elyse’s Floater WOD: 11:44-12:44
@44:42 on the counter
Elyse’s 3rd WOD: 13:44-14:44
Continued: 14:44-15:44
Team WOD 2: 17:44-18:21
Team WOD 10:55-11:55
Interview @14:20
Elyse’s WOD: 14:55-15:55
Interview: 15:55-16:25 @16:13
Hope that helps! They talked about Hardass a lot, so there might be more stuff that I couldn’t catch. So much fun to watch everyone!
🙂 Maila