The Crossfit / USA Weightlifting Open will feature athletes competing in three disciplines: the Olympic-style snatch and clean & jerk as well as a third CrossFit event called the Triplet. The Triplet will be as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of six squat cleans (55kg men / 30kg women), 12 pull-ups and 24 double unders.

We posted about this event early in July but I think many did not recognize today’s strength wod as the USA Weightlifting/CrossFit event that will be happen in Colorado Springs on October 1st- 3rd. My apologies for calculating the KG to LBS wrong for the women’s Rx. It is 30kg which translates to 66lbs not 81lbs which I programmed for the room. If you did 81lbs…your awesome.

Workout of the Day:

“Kilo Wod”
1 rep max Snatch
1 rep max Clean & Jerk
6 Squat Clean(m-121lbs/f-81lbs)
12 Pull-Ups
24 Double-Under Jump Rope
max round in 10 minutes
Score = total reps+Snatch weight in kg+Clean & Jerk weight in kg