Since Deanna works for the bureau she thought it would be a great birthday workout if we did their PFT(Physical Fitness Test) for new agents to help her celebrate her day. You can find the PFT HERE. We were happy to please, but gave some alternatives to those who elected otherwise. The FBI PFT is listed below in blue. To my surprise, a lot of athletes in our room chose the 1.5 mile run. I guess they were curious to see how they stacked up in case opted for a new career. Happy Birthday Deanna!!!

Workout of the Day:

“F.B.I. +”
1.5 Mile Run
1 Mile Run
800m Run
1 minute max reps of:
Box Jumps(20″)
Max Attempt of:
Kettlebell Swing(m-53lbs/35lbs)
300m Sprint