Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday to help us put the 24′ Pull-Up Rig and Squat Cages together.
There were only a few who were able to complete this workout without the DNF(did not finish) next to their name on the whiteboard. Failing is acceptable in the room. Not trying when the odds are stacked against you, now that is true failure.

Workout of the Day:

15 Front Squats(m-95lbs/65lbs)
400m Run
13 Front Squats(m-115lbs/80lbs)
400m Run
11 Front Squats(m-135lbs/95lbs)
400m Run
9 Front Squats(m-155lbs/110lbs)
200m Dumbbell Farmer’s Carry(m-40lbs/f-30lbs)
7 Front Squats(m-175lbs/125lbs)
200m Dumbbell Farmer’s Carry(m-40lbs/f-30lbs)
5 Front Squats(m-195lbs/140lbs)
200m Dumbbell Farmer’s Carr(m-40lbs/f-30lbs)
20 minute cap