Hardass Fitness has found a new home. The build out of this facility begins immediately. We will be holding classes in our existing space through June. Check site for updates as we unfold some exciting promotions.

Workout of the Day:

“Obligation vs. Opportunity”
Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes
Obligation = Deadlift (30 seconds or up to one minute- must complete reps at chosen weight)
m-315lbs/f-210lbs = 3 reps
m-275lbs/f-185lbs = 4 reps
m-225lbs/f-155lbs = 5 reps
m- 185lbs/f-125lbs = 6 reps
m- 135lbs/f-95lbs = 7 reps
m- 95lbs/f-65lbs = 8 reps
Opportunity = Double-Unders – Max reps starting from second 30 to 60 of each minute
Score reflects obligation of reps under chosen weight and total double-unders completed in 10 minutes.