Getting hard to squeeze 22 athletes in one workout in our current 1,000 square foot box. Good thing we are moving soon. First workout in the new room will be July 4th.
Today’s workout is set up in the Fight Gone Bad framework with more challenging movements. Expect your score to be less than half of your FGB PR. We had more ways to scale the HSPU for those that were not comfortable going vertical. 2 point plank hold (20 seconds = 1 point) and 4 point plank hold (30 seconds = 1 point).

Workout of the Day:

“Tap Out”
1 minute max reps at each station
Clean Ball(medicine ball clean into a wall ball throw catch in full squat)(m-20lbs/f-12lbs)
Handstand Push-Ups(1rep=1 point) sub-10 second handstand hold = 1 point
Double-Under Jump Rope(5 double-unders = 1 point)
Squat Clean(m-135lbs/f-95lbs)
1 minute rest