Muscle-Up as slow as possible – Badass!!
The goal of today’s workout is to practice the skill of the deadlift. If we wanted to try and force athletes to DNF we would have made the Rx weight 185lbs/125lbs or simply made it a 20 minute workout. Also, this was a “no drop” workout. It is just as important in CrossFit to train the lowering phase of the deadlift for both skill and strength. If the deadlift component of todays training was not enough then there is always the “Girl” wod to finish you off.

Workout of the Day:

1+ Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes(m-135lbs/f-95lbs)
(minute 1 = 1 rep, minute 2 = 2 reps…minute 15 = 15 reps)
Girl WOD: choose from Elizabeth, Fran, Isabel, Karen or Diane