In Dawn’s birthday request, she mentioned that she loved partner workouts, deadlifts and clean & jerks, but hated running. So we gave her all of the above. This is a partner workout – one partner runs while the other partner completes the 5-5-5. If the barbell partner completes the movements before the running partner returns then they can start chipping away at the 40 burpees. If the runner returns and barbell partner is still doing the 5-5-5, they must stop and do a 400m run and pick up where they left off. Each partner is responsible for all reps and rounds. The closer athletes get to Rx weight the nastier this workout becomes. We are always happy to make nasty workouts to help our athletes celebrate their special day. Happy Birthday Dawn!

Workout of the Day:

“Break of Dawn”
5 Deadlifts(m-bodyweight/f-3/4 bodyweight)
5 Hang Power Cleans(m-bodyweight/f-3/4 bodyweight)
5 Push-Jerks(m-bodyweight/f-3/4 bodyweight)
400m Run
4 rounds
40 burpees