This Saturday, January 28th, we will be doing “Beach Day Events”. All classes will be held at Wai’alae Beach Park. This is the park oceanside as you enter Wai’alae Country Club and The Kahala Hotel.
All classes include:
7am Run Club
9am Class – No Swim
10am Class – No Swim
11am Keiki CrossFit
12pm CrossFit Games Open Prep Workout – Will include a swim and beach run
We intend to spend the whole day there. We will be pitching 2 tents and lighting a barbecue grill. If we can’t barbecue at the box, then we just have to go off-site. Bring your potluck items to share. Also bring your own beverages, this includes water and drinks for your kids and lots of sunscreen and lawn chairs.
Workout of the Day:
Strength/Skill Day – Pull-Ups
Weighted Pull-Ups
Dead Hang Strict Pull-Ups
Max reps in 1 attempt
Kipping Pull-Ups
Max reps in 1 attempt
1000m Row for time
40ft. Suicides Sprints
Cones are place 40ft apart – down and back = 1
Every minute on the minute – start at 3 – add 1 every round