Kalei’s birthday workout also marks the birth of a new programming method that will help our athletes be ready for anything. Part of the CrossFit methodology is being ready for the unknown and unknowable. We are starting the “asterisk” workouts. The workout below was written on the whiteboard as ending with a 200m run and an asterisk(*). When they completed the 200m run they thought they were done, only to be told they had 5 minutes to complete the deadlift segment. Definitely a special twist to help a special member celebrate her birthday. Happy Birthday Kalei!

Workout of the Day:

21 Wall Ball(m-20lbs/f-12lbs to 10′)
21 Good Mornings(m-45lb plate/f-25lb plate)
400m Run
15 Wall Ball
15 Good Mornings
300m Run
9 Wall Ball
9 Good Mornings
200m Run
* then…
Complete WITHIN 5 minutes of finish:
Deadlifts – max reps – (m-bodyweight on bar/f- 2/3 body weight on bar) – 1 attempt only