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This workout is designed to be a partner workout. Each partner alternates elements and goes through the inverse ladder.
Partner A does 10 thrusters
Partner B does 1 SDLHP
A – 1 Burpee
B – 9 Thrusters
B – 2 Burpess etc.
To make this partner workout even more confusing, even number of thrusters have to be broken down into two even sets. 10 thrusters = 5 thruster, barbell goes back to ground and then 5 thrusters.
The premise for this workout is to test your ability to think while under physical stress. Can you remember the pattern when you can barely breath. It is an experiment of self assessment.

Workout of the Day:

“Smart Rat”
10 Thrusters(m-95lbs/f-65lbs) – Subtract 1 rep every round
1 Sumo Deadlift High Pull(m-95lbs/f-65lbs) – Add 1 rep every round
1 Burpee – Add 1 rep every round
10 rounds
200m Run
1 person – 1 round
partner workout – 2 rounds only one 200m run – switch person who starts the 10 thrusters