Monica requested a “team” workout for her birthday wod. So this is what we created just for her. The event worked as a team, but each player had an individual score. It was designed in a way that meant you were trying to prevent your team-mates from scoring by completing you run lap as quickly as possible. However, in the end it did boil down to the “luck of the cards”. Happy Birthday Monica!

Workout of the Day:

Team Workout – 3 or 4 per team
1 player flips card and (runs) around the indoor track
Players in the circle try to complete the reps required of the designated movement before runner returns.
Hearts = Burpees
Spades = Squats
Clubs = Medicine Ball Clean(m-20lbs/f-14lbs)
Diamonds = Lunges
Every round the “run” movement changes. First to lateral shuffles then to back pedaling and finally to lateral crossovers before starting over with running.
Aces = 1 rep
Face Cards = 10 reps
Jokers = skip turn