The 2015 OPEN has officially begun! Here is our Saturday schedule for the next 5 weeks:
9am – CrossFit Class
10am – 12pm – Validation for the Open
We will have a heat board set up at 9am. At 10am we will have a quick brief and athletes can begin warming up. First heat begins at approximately 10:30am. Each heat will have 5 – 8 spots for athletes depending on the number of available judges. Those who will be helping with judging will be given preference for early heats.
Those who want to video their workout for qualifying purposes will be required to bring their own video device. The house will NOT be supplying video equipment or videographers. We will allow 1 minute prior to starting a heat to meet the video requirements.
Participants who are not able to make a Saturday validation are welcome to come to Hawaii Kai on Sunday. We are running validations at this location from 10am – 12pm.
We may be able to accommodate a special request outside of these 2 events. Please make it the exception and not the norm. We will be validating more than 70 athletes per weekend so you can understand the time constraints.
Guest are welcome! The cost for a non-member is $20 per validation. Please contact us in advance.