We want to help you CHAMPION your life – because seeing the look of success on our members faces is what fuels our passion for CrossFit. This is a journey that we take together and we proudly celebrate each member and their individual triumphs.  Read on to see how CrossFit has changed so many of our members lives!

I did it! I finished my very first run! My runs at home were closer to 8.5 miles and that was taking me 2 hours and 20 minutes, so I didn’t have any high hopes of setting records. I just wanted to finish and run the entire distance. BUT, my actual run time was 1 hour, 51 minutes and I ran the whole way. Crossfit gave me enough strength and conditioning to have the courage to sign up, even though I hate running. If I’ve learned anything from crossfit, it’s that pain is not a barrier, and that the title “athlete” doesn’t always go to the strongest or the fastest- sometimes, athlete describes the person who perseveres through pain, who doesn’t quit, and who is willing to work hard enough to change her own beliefs of what is possible.


Successful CrossFitter

I just wanted to say thanks to the HAF coaches for helping me get in shape, tone up and show my children that staying fit is a way of life. I’m not ready for the crossfit games but thanks to HAF, I”m ready to take on more challenges and again show my children that being active and fit is a way of life. Since it’s summer, we have longer hours and also more time with the kids. I’m trying to mix in fun and fitness and learning and so far everyone is enjoying it. Today, we were going to tackle Makapu`u but at the last minute decide on Koko Head Stairs. I know, it’s a bit gutsy with children but I’ve seen others up there so I figured why not? We started with five (my sister, her daughter age 6, Makana age 9, Kala`i age 2, and myself). The rest of the children did great! Kala`i made it to stair 400 before asking to be carried! I had my doubts but thought let’s try it. I managed to carry him the rest of the way while the two girls made it on their own. It would have been a struggle if I didn’t have the HAF coaches to help get me in shape and stay fit. I tried to use the lifting and carrying techniques I learned and it really wasn’t a struggle to carry Kala`i up. Thanks again! On the way down, Kala`i wanted to do it “all by myself” but I finally convinced him that a piggy back would be less slippery and faster. Again, without CrossFit, it would have been long and painful. (Just a side note – this WOD was done in the afternoon after this morning’s Strength WOD and RIP blitz workout). I’m sure I’ll be feeling it tomorrow but at least I felt good then and now.


Successful CrossFitter

CrossFit Hawaii is life changing.

Turning 47, being overweight and very out of shape, I knew I needed to find something that would challenge me and keep me interested.  Every other gym or exercise I have tried could only hold my interest for a couple of months.  CrossFit Hawaii has changed that.  I have been working out here for two years and have no intention of ever stopping.

Part of what keeps me coming back are the coaches.  They are well trained and teach the proper mechanics of each element as part of the warmup before each workout.  The other part is the people.  Everyone is supportive and they encourage you every step of the way.  I have made some amazing friends here.

If you have ever wanted to try CrossFit or you are a CrossFit veteran, CrossFit Hawaii is a great place to go.

Julie S.

Successful CrossFitter

Aloha Coach Kimo,
I just wanted to send an email of appreciation to you and the other Coaches for your outstanding programming in the room. Especially with the recent onslaught of a warm up WOD after the general warm up but before the main WOD, challenging as it is I feel this style of programming will create bigger leaps towards success in the room, and towards our fitness goals. This past Saturday I had my annual Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), which consists of two minutes of max push ups, followed by two minutes of max sit ups culminating in a two mile run for time. Each event is calculated into percentage points per a predefined age group and added up for a total score.In the past I’d spend countless hours training specifically for the dynamics(push ups and sit ups and running) of the apft only to yield mediocre results.Not to mention hours of my day lost running mile after mile, doing push up after push up and who knows how many sit ups I’ve done in preparation for the APFT yielding only depressing, barely passing results. However this time around I threw that idea out and put my faith into room programming, usually one hour a day for five days a week. I am proud to say that thanks to Hardass Fitness I am proud to announce that I was able to snatch up one of the highest apft scores within my Unit,when I usually am sitting in the barely passed group. All I can say is my apft success is proof that Hardass Fitness presents results, bottom line.


Successful CrossFitter


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