Pat Von came in second place for the Men’s division winning a prize of “beer for a year” with an overall score of 330, just 3 points behind 1st Place. What a close competition! Beer for a Year, do you think he will have a lot of new friends? Weighing in at 149 lbs., his new nick-name is now RUDY!

NancyLee Greiner was our womens second place finisher. She represented the US Military with pride. Nancy is a member of the Coast Guard and won a prize of $500. Not bad for a days work.

Todd Tamanaha was our finalist from the Triathlete category. He did a great job of exceeding his goal of 300 points. Todd finished with an overall score of 311.

Jayme Logeman was our finalist representing the Honolulu Police Department. She made a huge improvement from her preliminary score and did HPD proud. What a remarkable performance from someone who is brand new to CrossFit. Her first CrossFit experience was her preliminary event and this event was her second.

Janie McKee finished strong. Janie is also new to CrossFit and is enjoying her experience. The audience would have been shocked as I was to hear that Janie is 50. I would have guessed 39. The winner was half her age. What an inspiration to everyone.