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It always felt good to finish the 15 ring dips and start again.Workout of the Day:1 Squat Clean(185/125)5 Ring Dips3 Squat Cleans10 Ring Dips5 Squat Cleans15 Ring DipsAs many rounds as possible in 15 minutes

Handstand Pushup Skill Day

Athletes sprinting and then going upside down for reps. Awesome!Workout of the Day:”HSPUSD”4 Rounds3 minute clock:400m runMax Handstand Pushups IRT(in remaining time)2 minute rest


Descending ladders are the best. Just knowing that the numbers are getting smaller gives some relief. It is the little things we appreciate in the CrossFit life.Workout of the Day:600m Run25 Toes to Bar400m Run20 Toes to Bar300m Run15 Toes to Bar200m Run10 Toes to...