“Hidden Grace”

Do what you do, day in and day out as if the whole world is watching. Some day maybe they will be.Workout of the Day:”Hidden Grace”5 Cleans(m-135lbs/f-95lbs)15 Pull-Ups10 Tire/Box Jumps(m-30″/f-24″)6 rounds

“Lead Bullet”

Reebok has made a huge investment into CrossFit. Here is there “Lifestyle” promo.Workout of the Day:”Lead Bullet”25 Squats15 Ab-Mat Sit-Upsx2600m Run3 rounds


A blast from the past. The Isabel-Off with Lipson vs. EverettWorkout of the Day:”Spin”400m Run10 Deadlifts(m-225lbs/f-155lbs)10 Toes to Bar5 rounds