“Deads to Doubles”

Sometimes a deadlift can kill a double-under. 4 opportunities to practice going unbroken deadlifts into unbroken double-unders. Scale as necessary.Workout of the Day:400m Run15 Deadlifts(225/155)30 Double-Unders4 rounds

Squat Snatch Practice

Practicing the Squat Snatch followed by 4 Overhead Squat repsWorkout of the Day:15 Overhead Squats(95/65) – 3 sets of 5 reps21 Toes to Bar27 Box Jumps(24/20)10 Overhead Squats(115/75) – 2 sets of 5 reps14 Toes to Bar18 Box Jumps5 Overhead Squats(135/95)7...

“Pick Your Poison”

This workout is designed to allow you to clean up your week. We have done many of these elements in this weeks programming, however, if you missed some training days then you can grab the missing elements.Workout of the Day:”Pick Your Poison”Partner...

“Hot Ladder”

Workout of the Day:”Hot Ladder”1 Medicine Ball Clean(20/14)1 Burpee2 Medicine Ball Clean2 Burpees3 Medicine Ball Clean3 Burpee4 Medicine Ball Clean4 Burpees5 Medicine Ball Clean5 Burpee= 1 roundAs many rounds + reps as possible in 3 minutes1 minute rest3...


Start back at double-unders as soon as 5 minute clock ends. Score = total reps completed.Workout of the Day:”DNF+”3 rounds5 minute clock:50 Double-Unders40 Hand-Release Push-Ups30 Wall Ball(20/14 to 10′)20 Toes to Bar10 Ring Muscle Ups