“The most important key to achieving great success is to decide upon your goal and launch, get started, take action, move.” 
-John Wooden

Above:  Oh how we love dumbbells!

Dumbbell Burpees?! Yes, dumbbell burpees! As you go down, you hold onto your dumbbells and do a push-up using the dumbbells. Jump back in with your feet landing outside of your arms. On your way up, instead finishing with a jump and a clap, you do a thruster with the dumbbells. Sound fun? It is! For a workout, try doing 100 DB Burpees for time! Challenge yourself and increase the weight of the dumbbells you use!

Today’s Workout:
4 rounds for time, of:
10 DB Front Squats
10 DB Overhead Lunges
10 DB Burpees
1 Circle Run

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