“Do it now. You become successful the moment you start moving toward a worthwhile goal.”


Above:  Coach Elyse deadlifting 185 lbs. during her warm-up for a deadlift workout and looking strong doing it!  Often times, people are shocked to hear that this tiny asian girl at 5’2″/120lbs. can back squat 250lbs. and deadlift up to 248lbs.  Majority of this shock comes from the fact that she does not look like those bulky-bodybuilders.  

Many females fear that weightlifting heavy will make them big or bulky. This misconception is one that CrossFit Hawaii continues to prove wrong. Everyday, during our intense WODs, our female members display new levels of strength, without “looking” like bulky bodybuilders. Just to make it clear, CrossFit is NOT a bodybuilding regiment!  Rather, CrossFit focuses on developing the strength and conditioning for better functioning in the real-world through constantly varied-functional movements-executed at a high intensity. Our goal at CrossFit Hawaii is to help you get more out of life and just better your life through elite fitness, no matter what your gender, age or fitness level might be! So, come on down and get your CrossFit on!

Today’s Workout:
“Fully Legit 1000x”
5 rounds, for max reps, of:
(1 minute at each station.)

DB Shoulder Press

**Hero-Maker – a movement requiring 2 dumbells:
1. Start with DBs pressed out overhead
2. Take them down to the floor about shoulder width apart
3. Kick your legs out behind you in the plank position (like a burpee)
4. Do a push up (while holding the DBs)
5. Row one side (pull one DB up as far as you can – to your chest or shoulder)
6. Do another push up
7. Row the other side
8. Pop your feet into the squat position (like a burpee)
9. Stand up and clean the DBs
10. Press the DBs out over head (can be thrustered, pressed, push pressed, jerked, etc).

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