“Don’t measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should accomplish with your ability.”
-John Wooden

This photo was taken last night at our 6:30pm class. The women to men ratio looked similar to our total membership, so I counted up the numbers and here are the results: 3:2
60% female
40% male
What does this number mean?
After much thought and numerous hypothesis I have come to a temporary conclusion. NOTHING. All that matters is that we have 100% of our members performing like athletes. Superior human performance pays no mind to gender. Both men and women benefit equally from feeling and performing at their best. All athletes need to challenge their abilities and move outside their comfort zone to make continued improvements. Just getting by leads to mediocrity and decreased performance over time. That means as your strength capacity increases, choose heavier weights regardless of gender. When it comes to running…run faster, jumping..jump higher. You get the idea.

Workout of the Day:

“Deck of Breath”
Spades = Overhead Squats
Diamonds = Tuck Jumps
Clubs = Push-Ups
Hearts = Jumping Jacks (I consider this a gift – hey it’s Saturday)
Using a deck of playing cards, flip the cards one at a time and perform the programmed movements.
Face Cards = 10
All other cards = Face Value
Jokers = 400m Run